Video claim, seriously!

VIPERPRO is the web-based platform for video claims (motor or property), customised for insurance industry.

VIPERPRO è la piattaforma on line per le Video Perizie Assicurative

4 advantages to discover now

No installation required

No software/APPs to install for either the adjuster or the client.

No fee

Suitable for both professionals and corporate clients.

Free multi-user

Create and manage users and their permissions independently.

Customize and integrate

It can be customized with your own logo and integrated via REST API, iFrame and WebView.

VIPERPRO guarantees you a full feature set, compatibility with even older smartphones and one of the highest efficiency rates on the market.

cos'è la videoperizia

What is a Video Claim


the adjuster remotely connects to the smartphone of the client and makes a “special” video call:
the adjuster takes the photos and records the video, guiding the client through real-time voice instructions.
VIPERPRO’s intuitive interface makes the whole procedure easy.

Benefits for the Adjuster

Improve the efficiency of the modern adjuster’s office with video claims.


Save time

Dramatically reduce the time needed to get documents, photos (and videos) of the damage.
No in-person inspection needed.


Increase efficiency

Improve the internal processes of your business and optimise the human resources of your office.


Fast-track assignments

Thanks to the video claim your file is ready in record time and you can therefore lower your average turnaround time.


VIPERPRO makes the most of modern technology and has a very intuitive user interface.
Discover all the features and request a free demo.


You can use VIPERPRO from any PC connected to the internet (Windows & MAC).

No APPs to install.

  • VIPERPRO is a “pure” web app and is compatible with all modern browsers.

  • An internet connection is sufficient for both the adjuster and the client.
    The adjuster must have a microphone for voice instructions and can show his/her face to the client via webcam.

VIPERPRO compatibile con tutti i cellulari, sia Android che iPhone


Georeferenced videos and photos are saved on our secure clouds. They can be easily downloaded on your PC.

  • Capture photos with geographical coordinates in real time during the video call.

  • Everything is hosted on our cloud servers in Italy.

Tutti i dati sono salvati in Cloud


VIPERPRO is multi-user and allows you to schedule video claims.

  • Create and manage users and their permissions independently.

  • Enhances teamwork.

  • Mark the date and time of each scheduled video claim.

organizza le Video Perizie segnando data e ora dell'appuntamento

How does it work?

fasi operatve della video perizia

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